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It’s our pleasure to serve the Richmond, TX area with the services our professsional plumbers provide, which you can trust for you, your family, and your home.

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The New Age Process

We keep our process transparent to ensure the most trustworthy experience for you.

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    Contact Our Experts

    The first step is contacting our experts. You’ll be met with friendly service as we determine the professional Richmond, TX plumbing services and repair you need. Our experienced professionals communicate with you to ensure we know just what you need.

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    Walkthrough & Assessement

    Our Richmond, TX professionals will come to your location and walk through your concerns while assessing your situation. During the walkthrough, you remain informed and in the know about our services.

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    Quality Guaranteed

    Quality is guaranteed with us. We leave all of our customers satisfied with the services and plumbing repair they receive. If we make a mistake, we’re prepared to fix it with a smile.

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    Convenient & Affordable

    We keep our services convenient and affordable at New Age. We know how important your plumbing is to your home, and we keep services always within reach. No property owner should have to live with faulty piping due to a lack of affordability in Richmond, TX.

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Our Services

We provide a full range of plumbing services to serve those of the Richmond, TX community. From repiping your home, to unclogging that pesky toilet, to making sure your hot water heater is working as it should, you can always count on us at New Age. No matter what plumbing issue you have, we can fix it.


Your plumbing is one of the single most important fixtures in your Richmond, TX home. We provide a broad range of plumbing services to serve you at New Age.

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Water Heater

Finding yourself with a broken water heater always seems to come at the most inconvenient time. Our Richmond, TX professionals make sure yours is working again quickly.

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Reverse Osmosis Filters

We install reverse osmosis filters to your water system to leave you with cleaner, crisper, and tastier drinking water. Let us show you what reverse osmosis can do for you.

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When pipes age, they begin to break down. Keep your pipes working smoothly, and your water clean and safe, by having your property repiped by our professional Richmond, TX plumbers.

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Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom can add a great deal of value to your home. Let us at New Age in Richmond, TX take care of the plumbing in your new remodeled rooms.

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Discounts For Everyone

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A 10% off discount keeps your plumbing services even more affordable for your Richmond, TX job.

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Why Choose Us

We strive to be the company you rely on in Richmond, TX for all of your plumbing needs. Because of this, we work hard to provide only the highest quality affordable services the area has to offer. No matter your plumbing need, allow us to prove ourselves to you.

Great Presentation, Richmond, TX

Great Presentation

Our presentation is our first impression at New Age, and we always try to impress our Richmond, TX customers. We present ourselves professionally each and every time.

Affordable Rates, Richmond, TX

Affordable Rates

Plumbing is incredibly important, and we want to keep services within reach for everyone in Richmond, TX. Our affordable rate lets you get your job done without breaking the bank.

Professional, Richmond, TX


Professionalism isn’t just in how we present ourselves at New Age Plumbing. We prioritize a professional experience from the top down during every single service we provide to Richmond, TX.

Great Customer Services, Richmond, TX

Customer Services

Our customer service is how we engage with our Richmond, TX customers, and we make sure our engagements are positive and beneficial to you. You’re always treated like the most important client each time you call.

Experience, Richmond, TX


We have the experience at New Age to tackle any concern, issue, or installation you have in mind. This allows us to serve the entire Richmond, TX community as their plumber with the service they require.

Trustworthy, Richmond, TX


When you call New Age in Richmond, TX, you know you’re having an interaction you can trust. We keep our trustworthiness at the top of our priorities list, and we make good on this trust with every resident or property owner we serve.

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Rodrigo A. | Richmond, TX

“Professional, quality work. I highly suggest using this company Thank you for great & quick service!”

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  • Airan was great! Very courteous, quick and professional. Anything else that needed to be done that was out of his control (like work that needed to be done with my roof or talking to the gas company) he left written notes for so the communication was clear and accurate. New Wave even answered an after hours text I had when I was still having problems with my water heater's pilot light (he couldn't turn it on for me because the gas company shut off the gas and put a lock on the box). I have got water now and couldn't be happier!
    Marlene B.
    Richmond, TX
  • Excellent service. Job well done!
    Maria M.
    Richmond, TX
  • I had my service done today with New Age Plumbing. I’m very very satisfied in terms of work and reasonable charges/cost. I called other companies prior to New Age Plumbing but the cost estimate was beyond my imagination. The plumber is very friendly and practically honest in my opinion. I’ll definitely will request the service of this same company again should the need arise.
    Ziemund A.
    Richmond, TX
  • Thank you guys for your great service and respect! Big thanks to Airan Beckerra he fixed our leaking pipe alone.
    Ali A.
    Richmond, TX
  • Fast and reasonable.
    Kenneth H.
    Richmond, TX
  • New Age has done three jobs at my house and he will always be my regular plumber. Very polite, clean, bilingual staff, and efficient.
    Jaky C.
    Richmond, TX

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